GCAP-Vygo Postgraduate Mentoring App

What is this app?

The GCAP-Vygo Postgraduate Mentoring app is GCAP’s latest initiative. As postgraduates ourselves, we understand that postgraduate study can be difficult and lonely at times. This app allows students to connect on a needs basis. Need support, need some help, need some advice? You need Vygo. We want to promote peer-to-peer support, foster interdisciplinary collaboration and connect postgraduate students on the Gold Coast campus.

What does the app feature?

The app has 3 primary programs: Peer Mentoring, Mental Health Support and HDR Skills Connect (to be released). The peer mentoring is a flexible mentoring service: there are no minimum requirements for mentors or for mentees; you use the app when you want, and how you want. Only want to chat online? No worries! Happy to meet up on campus? Fantastic! We want students to be creative in how they use the peer mentoring service. This isn’t your typical mentoring service; this type of mentoring isn’t restricted to 3rd year students mentoring 2nd year students, this a service for students to connect and share their knowledge – if you have a research component of your Masters degree and are unsure how to write a research proposal, connect with a PhD student, they will be well-versed in writing proposals; if you are looking to apply for Medicine at the end of your postgraduate degree and would like some pointers, connect with a Medicine student; if you are a Masters of Speech Pathology student and you are struggling with learning the muscles of the face, connect with a Masters of Physiotherapy student, they will have a solid understanding of muscle anatomy.

Our Mental Health Support service is a simple and light approach to mental health support. If you are feeling stressed, down or just want somebody to talk to, chat to our Director of Equity or a Mental Health First Aid trained GCAP Board member. This isn’t an official counselling service, if you think you need a counselling service, our lovely Director of Equity will be able to point you in the right direction; University counselling systems can get crowded and be confusing to navigate, we hope that this will act as a proactive service, by giving students a place to voice their frustrations and concerns.

HDR Skills Connect is still in the works, but will be released as part of our app during Trimester 1. This is a service for our Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students and is aimed at eliminating feelings of isolation and improving student research outcomes. This service will allow HDR students to connect with other HDR students on campus on a skills/equipment needs basis – need a piece of equipment that is located in another lab but don’t know who to talk to gain access, connect with a HDR from that lab and have them assist you; need to learn a research technique or skill, connect with a HDR who is proficient in that technique and have them teach you.

So, who will you connect with?

Register now! https://web.vygoapp.com/login