Industry Networking Event Funding

As postgraduates ourselves, we understand the importance of establishing strong support networks to help us on our transition from postgraduate life to our career. While we offer a jam-packed schedule of events each trimester, we understand sometimes the most beneficial events are Industry networking events . Therefore, we want to help make your industry networking event for fellow postgraduates a reality. We are extremely excited to be able to offer up to $600.00 in funding to support group initiated industry networking events for currently GUGC and GCAP enrolled postgraduates!

Terms and Conditions

GCAP understands the importance of establishing strong support networks for our postgraduates students through strong postgraduate-postgraduate relationships, postgraduate-academic relationships and postgraduate-industry professional relationships. GCAP can provide funding for networking events for groups of GCAP members. The regulations for GCAP’s Industry Networking and Event Funding scheme are outlined below.

  • Responsibility
    • GCAP is not responsible or liable for any incidents, damages, accidents or injuries that may affect or occur to any applicants funded.
  • Eligibility
    • All applicants must be currently enrolled postgraduate students (coursework or HDR) of Griffith University on the Gold Coast Campus, and must be a registered GCAP member.
    • Only groups can apply and must include a minimum of three (3) members from the GCAP postgraduate community.
  • Criteria
    • The group must demonstrate how the funds will support their event and benefit the GUGC postgraduate community.
    • An overview of the event including venue, budget and number of expected GUGC postgraduates attending must be provided.
  • Submission Process
    • Applications can only be submitted during the teaching trimester (weeks one to twelve).
    • Applications are limited to the online form provided on the GCAP website, including an attached document outlining the event overview and budget.
  • Selection Process
    • Applications will be independently considered by the GCAP Funding Committee and approved by the GCAP Board.
    • The GCAP Funding Committee and Board reserve the right to request further information from applicants as and if required. Successful applicants may be invited to an informal interview to discuss the application in greater detail and/or receipts may be requested prior to funding being confirmed.
    • Not all applicants can and will receive funding. All other applications for funding will be taken into consideration, including funding application submitted to the Student Guild.
  • Funding
    • A maximum of $600.00 in total will be provided to each successful group each trimester.
    • Groups can apply for lesser amounts periodically amounting to no more than $600.00 per trimester.
    • No funding will be paid prior to the census date or confirmation of student enrolment as a postgraduate at GUGC.
    • GCAP reserves the right to grant a lesser amount than requested.
    • Funds will be paid into one account; personal, group or club, and it is the responsibility of the awardees to distribute the funds accordingly. Alternatively, GCAP may request to pay a direct invoice (i.e. to the event venue).
  • Reporting
    • GCAP asks that groups awarded funding organise a short social media post (100 words maximum), including a photo, that we can use for promotion. The social media post should be submitted to the Director of Funding who will pass it onto the Director of Communications for circulation.­
    • GCAP reserves the right to stipulate specific reporting requests prior to awarding the funding.
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