GCAP Board 2019

Bridie Mulholland – President (president@gcap.org.au)

I am currently in the third year of my PhD in Medical Science and have called Griffith University Gold Coast home for the past seven years. I have been fortunate enough to experience first-hand the wonderful opportunities that GCAP provides post-graduates. Through their academic services and networking events, GCAP has helped me to grow both personally and professionally, to forge new friendships and to network with colleagues. As President, I endeavour to work with my fellow committee members to continue the instrumental work of GCAP and enhance the lives of all post-graduates here at GUGC. Whether it be professionally, academically or socially, GCAP is the friend you didn’t know you needed!

Pierre Hofstee- Vice President (vp@gcap.org.au)

I’m currently in my 7th year of tertiary studies at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, undertaking my PhD in Medical Science. I am also a second-year medical student at UOW! GCAP has aided me to succeed academically, which has further allowed me to achieve career goals I never thought possible. By doing so, GCAP has also helped me meet and form close relationships with colleagues and fellow postgraduate students with similar career goals in a variety of professions. GCAP has been a significant highlight of my post graduate studies. As Vice-President, my aim is to ensure GCAP continues to provide an extraordinary service to students, both socially and academically, and to encourage postgraduate students to engage, network and enhance their skills in order to accomplish current and post-study goals. Along with the GCAP board, we also plan on ensuring members have a lot of fun in the process!

Pranjal Bhandari – Director of Communications (communications@gcap.org.au)

Hi, I am Pranjal from India. Last year I came to Australia to pursue a Master of Business in marketing and event management. As part of GCAP, I have met some incredible people and been part of some exciting events and workshops. As the communications director, I look forward to keeping you posted with all the latest news, events, and initiatives of GCAP. As well as work with the board to ensure that GCAP continues to support postgraduates socially and academically.

Aneez Anver – Director of Events (events@gcap.org.au)

Lucy Bartho – Director of Equity (equity@gcap.org.au)

My university journey began right here on the Gold Coast. I joined GCAP at the start of the year as I am currently in my first year of my PhD in Medical Science. Since I joined GCAP, I have met some pretty incredible people and come across some new and exciting opportunities. As equity director, I hope to inspire and encourage everyone to come and join in with as many events and workshops as possible. GCAP really is a one of a kind club that focuses on making your postgraduate experience the best it can be!

Kethaki Jayasooriya – Director of Funding (funding@gcap.org.au)

I am currently in my 1st year of Master’s in Marketing and Tourism. As an international student and new to Griffith, GCAP has always had my back and assisted with my transition to Australia and Uni Life. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their events, which have been a much-needed reprieve from the stressful lives of us post-grads. As Director of Funding, I look forward to supporting GCAP and working with you, amazing volunteers, keen on building a better community. I also hope to meet new people and make new friends.


Ali Saremi – Board Member

Hi, my name is Ali Saremi from Iran. I graduated in Master of Civil Engineering from Griffith University in 2018. After the graduation, I started my Ph.D. in Coastal Engineering field and I will be carrying out research until 2022. Moreover, volunteering and spending my time helping other people are part of my passion in my life. When I arrived in Australia, I started volunteering with different charities to raise funds to help other people as well as improving my skills. After becoming used to university life, I realised that I could have the opportunity to volunteer at the university as well. Therefore, I joined Student Guild as a Guild Crew to help with running the events and have been volunteering with this wonderful organization since 2017. By joining GCAP, I look forward to extending my volunteering activities and sharing my previous experience to enhance the services for students.

Christine Pickersgill – Board Member

Christine doesn’t like to talk about herself, a lovely quality, which along with her quick wit and cheery attitude make her an absolute asset to our team. She’s a face everyone knows – Christine has always been highly involved with campus life, you’ve probably seen her volunteering at many the Student Guild’s events, helping the Griffith Mates out and working at the UniBar.

Christine doesn’t like to talk about 

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Indra Neil – Board Member  

Hi, my name is Indra Neil. I am a PhD student in the School of Medical Sciences with a background in Medicine. I joined GCAP at the start of my PhD and have found it to be a platform to engage in a healthy discussion outside your domain with other post graduate students. I look forward to meeting you all in our future events.i, I’m Daniel, I’m doing my PhD in medical science and have been a part of Griffith since 2013. I’m often taking photos

Kyle Hatton-Jones – Board Member 

Hi, my name is Kyle and I was born and raised in South Africa. I came to Australia to study at Griffith University and have called this place my home for 6 years now (I’m also too afraid to leave the university lifestyle). I am in my second year of PhD in Medical Science and I’m looking at how a poor diet and stress can impact health and disease. I have been fortunate enough to experience all that GCAP has to offer and through them I have had many eventful day trips and nights full of friends, laughs and poor decisions. I joined GCAP to help support my fellow postgraduate students and expand on our many services to ensure you guys make it through your degrees alive and without postgraduate PTSD.

Nikhil Kulkarni–  Board Member 

Hey folks! My name is Nikhil Kulkarni and I’m currently studying a Master of Engineering Project Management at Griffith University. I joined GCAP as a way of providing further support and development to GCAP activities, given that I have acquired diverse experiences when studying and working in Australia. I aim to assist the GCAP committee by creating a space that is inclusive, supportive and fun for all postgraduate students. If you see me on campus, then don’t hesitate to say hi or have a quick chat!

Zia Javanbakht – Board Member

I am a PhD student in mechanical engineering with a background in structural engineering. I joined GCAP to broaden my social circle and ended up meeting people from various disciplines. It is exciting to be a board member of a passionate team.