GCAP Board Member Application

Are you interested in gaining some valuable experience in a particular area of interest related to your studies? Apply now to become a GCAP Board Member.

GCAP Board Members run the day-to-day operations of GCAP, with each Director responsible for specific duties to make sure GCAP runs efficiently. As GCAP is a young organisation, there is a lot that can be done. We are looking for self-motivated postgrads who work well as a team. You will be instrumental in generating change, presenting new ideas and supporting the GCAP Director within your specific area of interest.

GCAP Committees
GCAP Equity Committee
Support the Director of Equity to work as an advocate within Griffith University for equity groups.

GCAP Events Committee
Support the Director of Events to plan GCAP events and implement academic support programs for GCAP members throughout the year. This includes assisting the Events Director at GCAP Events to ensure they run smoothly.

GCAP Communications Committee
Support the Director of Communication to manage and direct GCAP’s internal and external communications, including Facebook, Instagram, OrgSync, and generic Emails.

GCAP Funding Committee
Support the Director of Funding to coordinate, implement, advertise and operate existing funding programs.  This will include managing the funding review process in conjunction with the GCAP Secretary and updating existing funding policies.

Why get involved? 
GCAP is a new and growing organisation, and you have the opportunity to help shape GCAP and provide direction for the future. Being involved as the GCAP Committee Member offers the following benefits:

  • Skill development in your area of interest.
  • Tangible dot points for the CV.
  • The opportunity to make a difference – GCAP was developed to enhance the experience for Griffith University Gold Coast Postgraduate Candidates. Your involvement and decisions drive this enhanced experience for all GCAP members.
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