GCAP believes that it is in the university’s best interest to support and actively encourage members from traditionally marginalised and disadvantaged groups to engage with all aspects of the University. GCAP supports allocating resources to support these groups through the implementation of programs, policies, and other matters will contribute to their perception of belonging on campus.

GCAP is dedicated to Equity. We aim to make all our events and parties inclusive and available for all GCAP Members. Additionally, our Funding program is open to all members and any person is encouraged to apply.

Most importantly, GCAP is structuring itself to be representative of the community we serve. Our Equity Director is responsible for ensuring there is representation for all equity groups within GCAP

University Support Services

Griffith University students have access to a range of university supported resources to assist with both academic personal issues. Griffith University has an Equity Office that creates and monitors policy surrounding Equity issues. Additionally, there are Equity Advisors that are available for individual consultation regarding any issue regarding equity. Contact the Equity office directly to speak with an Equity Advisor. Alternatively, contact our Director of Equity and we can help get you steered in the right direction.

Lucy Bartho– Director of Equity (equity@gcap.org.au)

If you have an issues or require support from a peer postgraduate student, please contact Lucy Bartho the Director of Equity.