Community Volunteering Enhancement Funding

Applications are now open. 

We value any voluntary contribution a fellow postgraduate can make to the community and we feel extremely privileged that we are in a position to support fellow postgraduates to do this. We can provide funding to currently enrolled GC postgraduates who engage in community volunteering work as a group (minimum of three) both domestically and internationally.  We can offer up to a maximum of $2,500 per group application (no individual funding available).

Engaging in volunteer work related to your area of study is favourable, however we also review applications from groups of postgraduates who engage in any self-initiated community volunteering work (what a great way to increase your employability!). We have supported many groups to date and encourage you to apply!  We are extremely proud of our fellow postgraduates and we are sure you would be too (click here fore some examples).

Terms & Conditions


  • All applicants must be currently enrolled postgraduate students (coursework or HDR) of Griffith University on the Gold Coast campus, and must be a registered GCAP member.
  • Only groups can apply and must include a minimum of three (3) members from the GCAP postgrad community. A group bank account/club account is required for the deposit of funds.
  • The group community volunteering work must not be associated with any placement or degree requirements, and instead an endeavour which is initiated by the students themselves.


  • The Group must demonstrate how the funds will be beneficial to their learning as postgraduates
  • An overview of the volunteering work and a budget must be provided (i.e. cost of flights, accommodation, volunteering equipment etc.)

Submission Process

  • Applications can be submitted during the teaching trimester only (weeks one to twelve).
  • Applications are limited to the online form below
  • All other funding sources must be disclosed at the time of application

Selection Process

  • Applications will be independently considered by the GCAP Funding Committee and approved by the GCAP Board.
  • The GCAP Funding Committee and Board reserves the right to request further information from applicants as and if required. Successful applicants may be invited to an informal interview to discuss the application in greater detail and/or receipts may be requested prior to funding being confirmed or paid.
  • Not all applicants can and will receive funding. All other funding applications will be taken into consideration, including funding applications submitted to the Student Guild.


  • A maximum of $2500 in total will be provided to each successful group per calendar year.
  • Applications for smaller amounts will be accepted.
  • No funding will be paid prior to census date and confirmation of student enrolment as a postgraduate on the GC Campus.
  • GCAP reserves the right to grant a lesser amount than requested.


  • Groups approved funding, are required to provide a short written blog and photo of their event within two weeks of the completion of their event.
  • GCAP reserves the right to stipulate specific reporting requests prior to approving the funding.
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Unfortunately you must be a currently enrolled Griffith University Gold Coast campus postgraduate student to be eligible for Charity and Community Enhancement Funding. 

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