Past GCAP Funding Support

The Sumba Project 

June 2017

GCAP has had the honour of providing ongoing support to several postgraduate students who have volunteered with the Sumba project. The work that this group and our very own students are doing with this program is simply incredible. In 2017, this is what they had to say:

“On June 18, the Sumba Project team embarked on their fourth annual trip to Sumba. This year the group included both longstanding and new members, as well as a Sumba alumni who is now working as a doctor. We were also accompanied by a group of four Griffith film students who documented the trip for their final year major work. The trip is always a highlight of the year for the Sumba team. We were all eager to finally get on the ground after many months of hard work behind the scenes. This year we had an exciting new opportunity to work with Dr Claus Bogh of the Sumba Foundation. Dr Bogh has been working in Sumba since 2004 and has set up a worldclass malaria program. He is now looking to branch into fighting Tuberculosis (TB) on the island and the Sumba crew has been recruited to help. TB is a growing problem in Indonesia and the threat of multidrug resistant TB looms. There is also a great deal of taboo surrounding TB and a lack of health literacy among locals. The Sumba Project is thankful for the ongoing support of Hope4Health, the Gold Coast Association of Postgraduates, the Sea family and the Charities America Fund. We would also like to thank Dr Claus Bogh, Dr Stephen Nolan, Ms Kathryn Nolan for making the trip possible.”

Want to know more? Watch the powerful video below which demonstrates the valuable work this group is doing.

Ubuntu Through Health Trip to Vanuatu

July 2017

In July this year, three Gold Coast postgraduate students travelled to a remote island in Vanuatu, Ambae. This is what they had to say:

“We are representatives of Ubuntu Through Health (UTH), a non-profit initiative under Griffith University’s health club, HOPE4HEALTH. UTH’s objective is to promote positive health outcomes and health equality in countries who are most in need. This was our aim heading over to Ambae, investigating how we could work with the local health clinic, Ndui Ndui Health Centre, to establish a sustainable project that would make a difference to the community. Our trip to the Ndui Ndui village in West Ambae was a successful week in that we were able to determine the important health issues and identify areas where we could make a difference in the community to promote positive health outcomes. We have identified two potential areas, which we are investigating how best we can help the people of West Ambae with water sanitation and the continuation of the supply of the NCD booklets. We are very grateful and would like to thank GCAP for your amazing support which allowed us to travel to Ndui Ndui village in July. This was an important step for us to start the ground work to investigate the possibilities of establishing a sustainable project to improve the health outcomes of the people in West Ambae.”