About GCAP

We want to help postgraduate students thrive academically and socially whilst building skills and networks that will assist students in achieving their post-study goals.

GCAP aims to create a positive postgraduate student experience for Gold Coast students through the provision of academic services and support; opportunities for increased social engagement within the postgraduate community; and assistance in preparation for the transition from postgraduate study.


GCAP existed on the Gold Coast campus prior to the introduction of voluntary student unionism (VSU) in 2006. The introduction of VSU reduced the funding available, meaning GCAP was no longer sustainable and was dismantled. The introduction of the Student Services and Amenities (SSAF) fee saw the resurrection of GCAP in 2013 as funding was once again available.

GCAP became active on campus in Semester Two of 2013. In this first semester of operation, GCAP was regularly attracting over 100 students to events and distributed over $25,000 in scholarships, grants, and travel funding. Over the course of the semester we engaged with approximately 600 students through events, programs, and other contact points. As the year wrapped up, GCAP attended the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations Annual Council Meeting and was pleased to be approved as an affiliate member of the organisation.

After the semester, the GCAP board examined what we had done and what we wanted to do in 2014. The board made a decision to restructure itself and introduce portfolio positions into, what had been, a representative board.

In 2016 an improved constitution was approved by GCAP members. The new constitution introduced new positions to the GCAP board, which now consists of six executive members and sub-committees. All six executive positions are appointed and include; President, Vice-President, Director (Events),  Director (Communications), Director (Funding and Awards) and Director (Equity). Read more about our board members here.

We love feedback, so if you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments, please send them through to info@gcap.org.au. Also, be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook for updates on what’s happening!