An exciting announcement…

Thank you to all who attended the GCAP AGM on Friday 30 May. We, the GCAP Committee, greatly appreciated you taking time out of your day to help us with some important tasks. With the AGM completed we are happy make a few announcements. Firstly, the GCAP Constitution has been officially approved and will take effect 1 July 2014. Secondly, the GCAP Committee for 2014/2015 has started to take shape. The GCAP General Secretary convened an appointment committee to determine the Executive Officers for the upcoming year. The positions that have been filled are:

  • President: Eric Sweeney
  • Director (Funding and Grants): Fleur McLeary
  • Director (Equity): Saeed Shaeri

During the AGM, an election was held for the seven general representatives on the GCAP Committee. We had three nominations and are pleased to announce all elected. Joining the Executive Officers in forming the GCAP Committee are:

  • Nelson Buthapathi
  • Niluka Gunawardena
  • Alireza Jolfaei

These six people have shown great enthusiasm for GCAP and our mission. Each brings their own set of unique skills and perspectives.

Our new committee still needs more help. We are still looking to fill two Executive Officer positions [Director (Events) and Director (Academic Services)]. If an Executive Officer position is too much commitment for you, we are also looking for people to be general committee members. Want to know more about these roles? Please contact Steve Harris ( with any questions.

As we welcome a new committee, we also say thank you to those who have served their time. Over the last year the work of outgoing committee members Michael Ansong, Jenna Daniels, Dan Donner, Lan Kien Ho, Halley Kirkpatrick, Oscar Moreno, Vishal Rana, Grant South, and Mengzhu Wang all helped to build the foundation of GCAP. Through creative ideas, policy discussion, and engaging the membership, these committee members found ways to help GCAP students improve their Griffith experience. I personally thank each one of them for time and commitment they showed to the organisation and I hope they will continue to either (a) engage in GCAP events; or (b) graduate and enjoy the ‘real world’.

Good luck with your exams, your thesis, or whatever else you might be working on as we get to the business end of the semester. I hope to see you all out on Friday night for our GCAP Social drinks (3:30p to 6p @ the UniBar).

GCAP President