Scholarships? Funding? Interested? Read on.

What makes your world go round? Hopefully not JUST money, but it sure does make it easier to do amazing things in the World. This is a call to all GCAP members that would like a bit more cash.

Are you altruistic? – Hard working? – Community-minded? – Promoting inclusiveness on campus? – Or just generally a great postgraduate student? If so, GCAP wants you to come and talk to us! We are passionate about giving you money to succeed, whether it’s the funds to go on overseas charity-work trips, or just a bit of motivation to try really hard in class, we want to provide for you.

This year we are offering some great funding opportunities. There’s up to $20,000 in scholarships, $40,000 in support for community and charity work, and $20,000 towards attending professional development and academic conferences. That’s plenty to go round so we want everyone to apply for something. All you need to be eligible for some type of financial award is to be enrolled here at Griffith University Gold Coast as a postgraduate student and be a GCAP member (for free!)

At this stage, you probably want to know more. Head on over to our Funding and Grants page to check out GCAP’s polices for the following programs:

Charity and Community Enhancement Fund (CCEF)
Professional Development and Conference Funding (PDAC)

Applications open during week one and close in week three (PDAC) and week four (scholarships and CCEF). Funding is going to be competitive, so we’ll ask you to provide a good demonstration that you deserve it – that’s fair enough right? Showing us you’ve got the goods could mean making up a specific resume for an award, getting a couple of reference letters together or answering the questions we want to know about you. This whole process has been made super simple though, with new online forms that allow you to upload documents and keep everything in one easy place.

I can’t think of a more rewarding thing than giving you the funds to make great stuff happen – I encourage you to go apply and make us proud.  2014 is yours with GCAP Funding and Grants!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Fleur at