Join our GCAP Board

Nominations are now open! 

Are you interested in making a difference at Griffith University whilst gaining valuable experience? The GCAP Board runs the day-to-day operations of GCAP, with each Director responsible for specific duties to make sure GCAP runs efficiently. As GCAP is a young organisation, there is a lot that can be done. We are looking for self-motivated people with a vision to put our resources to good use. In this document, you will find information you need to know about what position might suit you, what you would be expected to do, how you can get involved, and the benefits you will receive.

The Positions

Each position has a specific profile in relation to the GCAP mission and will be for the period of 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 with the ability to nominate and apply for a second term.  If you are graduating at the end of the year, we still encourage you to apply. A summary of each position is listed below, and a position description will be presented to successfully shortlisted applicants.

President  – The President of GCAP is responsible for the overall success of GCAP. The President runs Board meetings, acts as the public face of GCAP, and ensures that the organisation follows the rules set out in the Constitution and Regulations. The President should also coordinate, lead, guide and support GCAP Board Members.

Vice-President – The primary role of the Vice-President is to support the Present and act in the role of President when needed. The Vice-President will also Guide and support GCAP Board Members and assist in the creation/adjustment  of policy.

Director of Communications – The primary role of the Communications Director is to manage and direct GCAP’s internal and external communications, including Facebook, Twitter, OrgSync, and generic Emails.

Director of Events – The primary role of the Events Director is to work in conjunction with the GCAP Secretary to plan GCAP events and implement academic support programs for GCAP members throughout the year.

Director of  Funding – The primary role of the Awards and Funding Director is to coordinate, implement, advertise and operate existing funding programs.  This will include managing the review process in conjunction with the GCAP Secretary and updating existing policies.

Director of Equity – The primary role of the Equity Director is to work as an advocate within Griffith University for equity groups. This includes working with other Board Members to ensure GCAP policies, events, and activities are equity-conscious. You will be responsible for educating members of equity groups on the services, policies and rights available to them, and act as a point of contact for GCAP members if they experience issues related to equity and direct them to appropriate assistance.

Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Overall, a Board Members will:

  • Act in the best interest of Griffith University Postgraduate students enrolled on the Gold Coast
  • Participate regularly and actively in GCAP operations
  • Make decisions within pre-existing policies
  • Regularly attend all Board meetings (1 per month)

Board Members are expected to be active outside meeting times. This can include creating policy, managing programs, meeting with other GCAP members, organising and running events, and many other activities depending on the Director position. This workload will vary, some weeks will require minimal time (checking and responding to emails a couple of times), whereas other weeks will require a significant amount of work (event preparation, presentations etc.).

Why get involved?

GCAP is a new and growing organisation, and you have the opportunity to help shape GCAP and provide direction for the future. Being involved as an Executive Officer of GCAP offers the following benefits:

  • Skill development – you will gain program planning and implementation experience, organisational skills, budgeting skills and more
  • Tangible dot points for the CV – Real programs, real money figures, real outcomes. All of these things that add context when you say you have “organisational skills” or “event experience.”
  • The opportunity to make a difference – GCAP was developed to enhance the experience for Griffith University Gold Coast Postgraduate Candidates. Your involvement and decisions drive this enhanced experience for all GCAP members.
  • Professional development and travel opportunities – Board Members will be provided with professional development opportunities and may be able to attend relevant conferences, CAPA meetings, and GCAP team-building retreats.
Interested in Applying?  

Nominations open 9am Thursday 3 May and close 4pm Friday 18 May. A panel of three to five (GCAP Secretary and four Board approved employees) will shortlist applicants. Successfully shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview on Tuesday 22 May. Successful applicants will be announced at GCAP’s Annual General Meeting at 4.30pm Friday 26 May.


If you have any questions about these positions or the application process, please contact the GCAP Secretary Kate Delaforce, or 5552 8710.