Charity and Community Enhancement Funding

The purpose of the GCAP Charity and Community Enhancement Funding (CCEF) program is to provide support to assist postgraduate students to engage in community charity work both domestically and internationally.

It is envisioned that application endeavours will assist group trips to disadvantaged communities providing aid work.

Applications for trimester three have now opened. Applications can be submitted during the teaching semester, however no applications will be reviewed until after the trimester census date, with the GCAP Board reviewing applications on a monthly basis.  The GCAP funding committee has the authority to grant a maximum of $2,500 per application (group applications only with a group bank account/club account required for deposit of funds, no individual funding available). Funding requests which exceed this amount must first be ratified by the GCAP Board.

Eligibility and Conditions

Applications for CCEF funding are submitted via the online form below, and can be done at any stage throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the GCAP funding committee. Please consider the eligibility and criteria, and complete the application form below.

  • All applicants must be currently enrolled as a coursework or HDR postgraduate student of Griffith University on the Gold Coast campus, and must be a registered GCAP member;
  • Groups applying for CCEF must include a minimum of three (3) members from the GCAP postgraduate community; and
  • Following the review of application by the GCAP Funding Committee, successful applicants will be invited to an informal interview to discuss the application in greater detail.
  • Receipts may be requested prior to funding being confirmed or paid. 

Successful applications may be subject to a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Ongoing written updates/blog;
  • Presentations at GCAP functions; and
  • Funding distributed in stages subject to adherence to conditions regarding progress.

We ask you to note that not all applicants can and will receive funding. All other funding applications will be taken into consideration, including funding applications submitted to the Student Guild. The GCAP Funding Committee and Board reserves the right to request further information from applicants as and if required.

Please don’t hesitate to forward any questions to the GCAP Funding Director at

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Unfortunately you must be a currently enrolled Griffith University Gold Coast campus postgraduate student to be eligible for Charity and Community Enhancement Funding. 

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