Update from the President – 2015 Annual General Meeting

May already! ‘May’ I start out by saying how fantastically the semester has been panning out… GCAP beach days, a big round of Funding distributed and a rewarding Casino Royale party are a few things showcasing the associations’ engagement with postgraduates.  What a ‘may-gnificent’ start!

This month is GCAP’s most pivotal official event – our Annual General Meeting, which will be run by me in the shiny new Uni Bar Function Centre on the 21st of this month. This is open to all our members to attend and have a say in approving the GCAP budget, goals and other policies, and to elect new general members to the Executive Committee. So here is an open call to potential team members – if getting involved in bettering the experience of postgraduates appeals to you go to our website for more information.

Thank you to all of you who have already made donation to support victims of the Nepal Earthquake. This month we are asking you for a gold coin donation, at our FREE Lunch events with all collections going to UNICEF to support their Children of Nepal appeal.  Yet another reason to turn out and mingle – with a purpose.

See you there,

Your GCAPtain,

Fleur McLeary


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Make a gold coin donation to help support victims of the Nepal Earthquake

FREE LUNCH…not this week! The GCAP Committee will be asking all of you for a gold coin donation this week at the Free lunch on Tuesday and the Social drinks on Friday. All donations will go to the UNICEF Australia Nepal Earthquake Children’s Appeal. For many of you that have enjoyed many free lunches and free drinks over the past 2 years, we don’t think a gold coin is too much to ask. Please have your donation and student ID ready at the door.

A devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake has struck Nepal, causing severe destruction and loss of life in Kathmandu and surrounding areas. An earthquake of this size can be deadly, toppling buildings, and destroying roads and infrastructure.

Hospitals are overcrowded, treating people in the streets and running out of emergency supplies. The power is out and communications are badly affected and we don’t yet have a full picture of the devastation. UNICEF fears the disaster, which is reported to have already killed hundreds of people, will have a severe impact on children.

UNICEF is on the ground, evaluating what needs to be done to urgently respond to children’s emergency needs for protection, water and sanitation, health and nutrition.

Your donation will fund UNICEF’s emergency response to the Nepal Earthquake Children’s Appeal. Should the funds raised exceed the programming needs, your donation will be used to fund other life-saving UNICEF emergency programs.


An update from the Vice-President

Hello GCAP members!

I wanted to start by highlighting the great start to the year GCAP has had with 479 new members already signing up and we are only a few weeks into the new academic year. There have also been fantastic turn outs to our GCAP events so far with Sunday Funday being one of my personal highlights. 

I hope you are all getting excited for the GCAP Casino Royale at the Hilton Hotel! All ticket sales for the upcoming event will be conducted online. Tickets are selling fast so make sure you get in quick and don’t miss out! Click on the below image for tickets.

I wish you all the best for the academic year and look forward to meeting some of you at our upcoming events.

Toheed Nasir
GCAP Vice-President

Welcome back GCAP members!

Well, well, well,  – GCAP enters its third year in action and I get to man the sails…

The Gold Coast Association of Postgraduates is in place to better the postgraduate experience for YOU.

We offer academic services, outdoorsy trips and sports games; we give financial reward through our funding scholarships, that extra monetary boost to go overseas as a postgraduate or do something really worthwhile at home with our Charity and Community Enhancement Fund and Professional Development and Academic Conference programs. Not to mention we throw some blindingly good social events for you to meet and network with other Postgraduates you’d never have had the chance to ordinarily.

We have a huge community of Postgraduates here at Griffith Gold Coast – and we’re aiming to engage with more of you than ever before in 2015 – I want to make friends with all of you! Go on, widen the horizons of a little neuroscience PhD student and get your GCAP member sticker today. Just come and speak to our wonderful committee at our next free lunch or event to sign up for free.

Speaking of which, I cannot wait for You to begin meeting our new Executive Committee at events; we have a fantastic team. Get GCAP-ing!

fleur signature

Fleur McLeary
GCAP President


GCAP COMMITTEE Semester 1, 2015



Call for Nominations – GCAP Executive Officers

Are you interested in making a difference at Griffith University while gaining valuable experience?
The GCAP Committee runs the day-to-day operations of GCAP and the Executive Officers are each
responsible for specific parts to make sure GCAP runs efficiently.
As GCAP is a young organisation, there is a lot that can be done and we’re looking for self-motivated
people with a vision to put our resources to good use. In this document, you’ll get the information
you need to know what position might suit you, what you’d be expected to do, what is in it for you,
and how you can get involved.

Positions Available:


Director Academic Services

Director Events

Director Funding and Grants

To apply click the link below and submit your application by Friday 7 November.

If you have any questions feel free to contact GCAP Secretary, Steve Harris – s.harris@griffith.edu.au

Click below to apply:


Welcome back to Semester 2!

Welcome back to semester 2 at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus. Coming off a great start to the year, we have some exciting new things happening with GCAP while continuing to offer many of our programs from the past. We will continue to offer you more than $25,000 in funding and grants this semester, weekly assignment review services, and of course some great social events on and off campus. This semester we are happy to introduce a series of weekend tours called “Explore Australia” which will take you around to see some beautiful places on the Gold Coast and beyond. In September we will also start “Sunday Funday” as a way to get out to the beautiful Gold Coast beaches and meet some fellow postgrads. And finally, we encourage you to take a break from all of your hard work and come out every Tuesday evening from 5:00 – 8:00pm for some Social Sport at the Gold Coast campus courts. Most of the programs we are offering are free or at heavily discounted rates especially for you. Click on the links to check out these amazing new programs exclusive to GCAP members. Be sure to “like” our facebook page (www.facebook.com/GCAPGriffith) to keep updated on all things GCAP. We wish you all the best this semester and hope to see you around at one of the many GCAP events soon.

An exciting announcement…

Thank you to all who attended the GCAP AGM on Friday 30 May. We, the GCAP Committee, greatly appreciated you taking time out of your day to help us with some important tasks. With the AGM completed we are happy make a few announcements. Firstly, the GCAP Constitution has been officially approved and will take effect 1 July 2014. Secondly, the GCAP Committee for 2014/2015 has started to take shape. The GCAP General Secretary convened an appointment committee to determine the Executive Officers for the upcoming year. The positions that have been filled are:

  • President: Eric Sweeney
  • Director (Funding and Grants): Fleur McLeary
  • Director (Equity): Saeed Shaeri

During the AGM, an election was held for the seven general representatives on the GCAP Committee. We had three nominations and are pleased to announce all elected. Joining the Executive Officers in forming the GCAP Committee are:

  • Nelson Buthapathi
  • Niluka Gunawardena
  • Alireza Jolfaei

These six people have shown great enthusiasm for GCAP and our mission. Each brings their own set of unique skills and perspectives.

Our new committee still needs more help. We are still looking to fill two Executive Officer positions [Director (Events) and Director (Academic Services)]. If an Executive Officer position is too much commitment for you, we are also looking for people to be general committee members. Want to know more about these roles? Please contact Steve Harris (s.harris@griffith.edu.au) with any questions.

As we welcome a new committee, we also say thank you to those who have served their time. Over the last year the work of outgoing committee members Michael Ansong, Jenna Daniels, Dan Donner, Lan Kien Ho, Halley Kirkpatrick, Oscar Moreno, Vishal Rana, Grant South, and Mengzhu Wang all helped to build the foundation of GCAP. Through creative ideas, policy discussion, and engaging the membership, these committee members found ways to help GCAP students improve their Griffith experience. I personally thank each one of them for time and commitment they showed to the organisation and I hope they will continue to either (a) engage in GCAP events; or (b) graduate and enjoy the ‘real world’.

Good luck with your exams, your thesis, or whatever else you might be working on as we get to the business end of the semester. I hope to see you all out on Friday night for our GCAP Social drinks (3:30p to 6p @ the UniBar).

GCAP President

GCAP AGM Announced!

The Griffith University Gold Coast Association of Postgraduates hereby gives notice of its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The AGM shall be held:

G16 1.09/1.10

30 May 2014


The business to be conducted is as follows:

  1. The President’s Report;
  2. The General Secretary’s Report;
  3. The Election of the 2014/2015 GCAP Committee Members;
  4. The Announcement of the 2014/2015 GCAP Executive Officers;
  5. The Approval of the Constitution; and
  6. Any other business submitted by a Member in accordance with the process outlined below.

A light lunch will be provided.

Documentation related to this AGM includes and is available at the following links:

  1. A nomination form for elections to the GCAP Committee
  2. A call for nominations for GCAP Executive Officers
  3. The draft of the GCAP Constitution

Members wishing to advise of General Business for discussion at the AGM must do so in writing to the GCAP General Secretary (s.harris@griffith.edu.au) prior to 3:00pm Friday 23 May, 2014.


A Big Week Ahead!!

Hey GCAP members! Hope things are going well and you remembered to call your mom for Mother’s Day! A few big things are happening this week for GCAP. In this post there will be more information about GCAP Present Li Cunxin, our AGM, and the appointment process for new Executive Officers for GCAP!

Firstlclick-here-buttony, it is time for GCAP to begin the process of transitioning to a new leadership team. The GCAP Executive Officers [President, Director (Acadmic Services), Director (Equity), Director (Events), and Director (Funding and Grants)] ar
e the people who drive and create a lot of the events and programs you’ve come to know and love. We’re looking for people who want to get involved and help sustain the incredible work that GCAP has been doing. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a lot of learning. For more details on how to apply to join the GCAP Executive Officer team, click here or email Steve Harris at s.harris@griffith.edu.au.Li Cunxin Poster

Secondly, GCAP Presents Li Cunxin is happening this Wednesday. We’ve already given away more than 400 tickets!!! If you haven’t got yours yet, head to the Student Guild office to grab your free ticket. Already have a ticket, but want to bring a friend? Feel free to come by and grab another ticket or two. Remember, seating is not guaranteed so be sure to be there early. Doors open at 6:30p, event starts at 7p and there will be a cash bar and some nibbles following the event for your enjoyment.

Thirdly, we know this time of year can be stressful. Did you know meditation can be a great stress reliever? We’ve organised a small event to head to a Buddhist Temple this Sunday to learn about meditation and Buddhism. For more details contact Eric at events@gcap.org.au.

Fourthly, for those of you still working on assignments, please pop by Shut Up and Write to get some writing done or use our Assignment Help service for some professional help with editing, referencing and other issues.

Finally, I hope you’ve already put May 30th in your calendar. If you haven’t, please do so now. The GCAP AGM is happening that day. This will be a big day for GCAP as we will be holding elections for Committee members as well as approving our constitution. And, of course, there will be food! Stay tuned for the formal notice of the event and we hope you can make it.

As always, feel free to get in touch with us at info@gcap.org.au. Have a great week and I hope to see you Wednesday.

GCAP President




Executive Officer Appointments

GCAP is pleased to announce its call for nominations for the leadership team next year. We are looking for applicants for the following roles:

  • President
  • Director (Academic Services)
  • Director (Equity)
  • Director (Events)
  • Director (Funding and Grants)

Applications are due to s.harris@griffith.edu.au by 4pm on 22 May 2014. Applications should include a two page CV and a one page letter responding to the questions in the Call for Nominations. The full details can be found by clicking the button below.